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Pitch Fever

I have a condition which I am sure many freelance article writers can relate to. Pitch Fever.

This condition, as opposed to Fever Pitch, is developed when a fresh faced freelancer attempts to click ‘send’ on an email to an editor.

Yesterday I once again was overcome with Pitch Fever as I nervously hovered my mouse over the send button. Self-planted seeds of doubt in my mind began to sprout and take hold like Patterson’s Curse in a summer field.

‘You’re not a writer!’

‘How foolish of you’

‘There are hundreds of better writers out there’

‘You must love rejection’.

The little voices filled my head as my heart pounded and stomach churned. Then I closed my eyes and clicked send, and breathed a heavy sigh of relief. Gone. Done.

As a budding freelance writer the hardest part is summonsing the courage to email or phone an editor regarding a story idea. It seems silly, it’s just a question really isn’t it? Here’s my story idea…do you like it? Yes? No? Maybe? But what lies underneath that simplicity, is the fear of all writers; rejection. We begin to doubt ourselves before we even prepare the pitch!

Is the story idea workable? Does it suit the publication? Have they recently done something similar? Will they even take me seriously?

It is not necessarily the rejection that scares me, it is more the hit to my confidence that I fear. The fact that those little voices will unite and gloat in my head,  causing me to doubt my ability and lose my confidence. It was a difficult thing to take the step and begin to call myself a writer, and I am still in construction phase of building an exterior to protect my self-belief.

I don’t know if it will become easier. I’m sure many published, well respected freelancers still suffer a mild form of Pitch Fever. But what I do know is that know matter how nerve wracking it is, in the end it will be all worth it.


Can you relate to Pitch Fever?

How do you force yourself to click that send button?




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