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Pitching my own curve ball


Ever heard that expression ‘when life throws you a curve ball’? Well, I’m taking that to a whole new level.

During NaNoWriMo in November I began a new novel. You can read about how well (or not so well) I did with my NaNo efforts here, and although I didn’t get to the much coveted 50,000 word mark what the month taught me was huge.

It made me realise how much I love writing. I had no trouble wanting (even thought I couldn’t) to spend hours at the computer tapping away on the keys or plotting the next direction of the story. I enjoyed how at times, the story took on a whole direction of its own. And I enjoyed the challenge of writing.

But, the most valuable lesson I took away from NaNo was the lesson of focus.

So many of us these days are trying to fit so much into each day. We want a career, we want to be there for our kids and husbands/wives/significant others, we want to keep fit, we want to cook healthy delicious meals, and we want to have time for a hobby, some downtime or even just some me time. The problem is, our days are never long enough. We end up stretching ourselves further than possible and just like an overstretched rubber band there is the inevitable snap.


This is my story and fortunately I learned the lesson before the big snap, many don’t. Many reach breaking point and the consequences can be dire.

So now I am pitching my own curve ball and realising that to move forward, something has to change and something has to give. Somethings just have to be put on hold. I am trying to run a family of four girls, play bookkeeper for our family business, run my  retail dance wear business, pursue my freelance writing career, blog (3 blogs), tweet and write fiction. As I write it all down here in black and white it is clear as the contrast on the screen – it cannot be done. Or if it can, it is by a much better person than I, and kudos to them.

The result of this awakening is that I have closed my ‘More than a Blog’ blog and I have decided to put on hold my freelance writing career – as much as it pains me to do so. There are some things that aren’t negotiable like family and the family business and I now realise that my retail business needs the attention and focus that it deserves. Rather than giving up on it I need to push further as I know the potential is for huge growth, and I have never given it my fully focused attention. My freelance writing can wait. I am slowly building my portfolio and would like to do more study. I know it is something that I can put on the backburner and take up when I can again give it 100% – as only then will I find success.

I am also focusing on my new novel. I am in love with the story and the characters. I feel thier hope and desires and breath their pain. I know that others will too. I care enough about them not to let their story wither away. It will be told. And one day, if I wish hard enough, maybe it will even be published.

So that is my curve ball. I am creating a more driven and focused life where I can offer my full attention to the projects that need it as well as my family. I will no longer stretch myself sparingly but give myself abundantly. Let’s hope the results are worthwhile.

And stay tuned… I will be popping in here regularly to keep you updated on my novel and share my thoughts and experience along the way.



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