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Porridge for lunch

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make you smile the most.

Today, on this cold and rainy day, it’s porridge for lunch.

Who said you can’t have porridge for lunch? It’s warm, it’s healthy, it’s filling. What’s not to love? Truth is I love breakfast for breakfast, or lunch, or dinner. Give me a ‘breakfast all day’ cafe and I’m a happy girl. As I said the simple things.

With the world events of the last week sometimes I need to just focus on the little things that make me happy. There is so much hurt, loss, devastation and evil in the world that I feel retreating to my own space is the only thing that feels warm and safe. My family, home my, my porridge. The things that I am so grateful for and very fortunate to have.

Take care world. Eat porridge.


Do you love ‘breakfast all day’? 
What’s a simple pleasure that makes you smile with the warm and fuzzy’s?