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Purpose: How to find purpose in the boring and mundaneness of life.

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I can’t believe this is my first post for the week! It’s been a full week. And I’ve been thinking a lot about purpose and life.

This week I have spent two days implementing a new accounting system for my husband’s business. I’d like to say it’s been fun, but it hasn’t. But it’s needed in order to streamline my commitments to running that business, and hopefully allowing more time for writing. It’s short term pain for long term gain.

Then the past two days I have spent brainstorming and pitching, researching and writing. Much more enjoyable!

Intertwined with this ‘work’ has been the normal mundaneness of life with a houseful of kids.

The groundhog day routine of getting kids out of bed, making sure they are fed and dressed, packing lunches and getting them out the door. The washing, ironing, cooking and cleaning of life. The taxi service that are my afternoons with school pick ups and after school activites such as dance, drama and music lessons. It’s never ending, busy, monotomous, hectic and tiresome. But it has to be done.

As I switch into this robot mode of mundane activities, I wonder how this fits into a life of purpose?

When one ponders a life of purpose, we imagine a life of purposeful activities. Of living our dreams. Of making a difference. We dream big dreams with big effects. The routines of life don’t get a mention. So does that mean they lack purpose?

I used to think so.

I wondered how a purposeful life involves the little things. The must dos. The monotonous. The boring.

But you know it does.

A purposeful life is about making each moment count. Not just the big, ‘purposeful’ moments.

Everything I do, whether I enjoy it or not has a purpose. It has a place. It has to be done. So instead of just flicking to robot mode, I need to stay present and look for the purpose in what I’m doing.

The kids need an education. The girls love all things drama, dance and music. All of these things are writing on the chalk boards of who they are and the potential they have as individuals.

The house needs to be cleaned, chores done and food bought and cooked. Dogs need to be walked and fed, bills paid and bins put out. It’s life. Each moment has a purpose, no matter how insignificant it may seem.

So instead of dreading the mundane, I’m choosing to enjoy the mundane. It is a choice. To remember the underlying fact of why we do what we do. Why we, my husband and I, work hard day to day, to give our children and ourselves our best life.

And then of course there are moments in the day that may seem to have no purpose. Relaxing with a book, watching the kids in the pool, turning on the TV. Tuning out completely. But they do. They serve to be simply enjoyable. Simple.

A purposeful life isn’t just about the big things and empowering and inspiring moments, it’s the little necessities too. The mundane and boring, the eye rolling-heavy sighing-‘not again’ moments, and all of the above. That’s a purposeful and a purpose-filled life.


Do you find it hard to ‘enjoy’ the mundane?
Do you contemplate life this much, or just take it day to day?
And do I really overthink things too much?