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Questions I’m asking today


Sometimes I get a little philosophical. Sometimes I overthink things. Sometimes I just don’t understand the world and wish it was still 1985. And sometimes I have questions that don’t have any answers. Today is one of those days. And so I can get these questions out of my head and actually get some writing done today, here they are: (and no, none of them are related to writing!)

Why is everything about money?

Why is music more about marketing these days than the actual music?

Why can’t we say what we think AND be respectful at the same time?

Why do so many feel so bad that they think the only answer is the world would be better off without them?

Why are we judged on what we have or don’t have?

Why does it seem we are all at war with each other all the time?

When did sitting on the fence and observing become being seen as weak?

Why do we pay ludicrous amounts of money – money that could save a small nation or help find a cure for cancer, or build housing and programs for the struggling in our communities – to watch two people beat each other up in the name of sport?

Why does everyone need a squad these days?

Why is beauty and looks, the be-all-and-end-all of everything?

Why can’t we appreciate and applaud and respect women of all ages, not just those in their 20s?

Why do we have to ‘age gracefully’; why can’t we just age normally?

Why can’t we put an end to spam email for f* sake?

Why can’t we just be content with just being sometimes, rather than having to strive for better, and best?

Why can’t we respect others’ beliefs without question?


Sometimes I do think the only answer is to go back to 1985 when I was 9. When my biggest worry was how much time I would get to jump on the trampoline after school. I’m sure there’s a book in that.

As you were.