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Remembering Moments

How often do you enjoy the moments? Those little moments in life. The big moments in life. The important things and the not so important things? Answer honestly now. Do you really? Can you remember the last time you just sat and did nothing but enjoy the moment? Well, I’ve been doing just that. And I have a special plan to continue doing so. 

Christmas, normally a blur of tinsel, presents and wine was a laid back affair. Christmas morning was filled with smiles, presents and a whole load of wrapping paper, then I busied myself in the kitchen preparing food for the day. I enjoy the simple pleasure in baking and preparing food for special occasions, I find it therapeutic. The day came together beautifully.  A simply decorated table, yummy food and those most important people in my life around the table. The afternoon was relaxed, lazing by the pool watching the kids jump, dive and splash around. Then Christmas night ended quietly enjoying remembering the moments of the day.

The last few days have passed by peacefully. Another simple family gathering on Boxing Day, walking dogs to the river for a swim, floating in the pool with the kids, BBQ with friends on warm nights, reading and writing, and not worrying too much about dirty dishes, ironing baskets or unmade beds.

There’s something about stopping and smelling the roses that brings clarity and perspective.

Right now I’m sitting by the pool listening to Miss 5 sing along to her favourite music and dance in the water. The sky is a perfect, transparent blue and the breeze is gently caressing the silver birch. It’s peaceful. It’s another moment, to simply breathe in and smile.

I want to remember these moments. The quite, peaceful ones. The loud, outrageous ones. The funny, belly laughing ones. The tender, gentle ones. And I have a plan.

A moments box.

It’s not a new concept. Many have done it before. You may know it as a memory jar, good times jar or moments of  year xyz box.

The concept is simple. Get a box, jar or container and each day write down something that happened. My plan is each night of 2014 to write down the most memorable moment from that day, fold it up and place it in the box. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a good moment, in fact I want to remember all the good, bad, ugly, wonderful, funny, trying, sad and joyous moments of the year. Life is just that – a mix of emotions and memories and that is what I want my box to be. As the year goes on the moments will grown and when I feel like it throughout the year, I will open the box and relive the moments. Each and every one.

I’m looking forward to 2014. My year of change. I am filled with calm and excitement, hope and visions. 2014 is going to be a wonderful year.


Have you done a moments jar before?
Have you managed to enjoy the moments of Christmas 2013?