Resources For Writers

The internet is a fantastic treasure-trove of information. But, it’s easy to get lost in the rabbit hole looking for the perfect writing resource.

Below is a list of fantastic resources that I use through the process of my writing and publishing, that I know are worth your time exploring. Some are free, some require a little investment, but all are great. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email.

*Affiliate Disclosure* some of the following resources are affiliate links, meaning that if you do purchase or subscribe to their services I will be paid a small commission. But, I only list things that I have used myself and have every confidence in recommending.

Writing Killer Blurb & Hooks – mini e-course

Having trouble getting the blurb on the back of your book right? Wanting to know just how to hook your reader with your Amazon description? Brought to you by best-selling Indie author Adam Croft, this mini e-course is not only affordable but super useful. Adam demonstrates an effective method for writing killer hooks and blurb that are catchy, enticing and that will make the reader want to buy your book immediately.

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Formatting your books with Vellum – FREE mini e-course

Another one from Adam Croft of the Indie Author Mindset, if you are an indie publisher you will want – need even – to learn Vellum. Vellum is the premium formatting software available, allowing you to format your manuscript for all forms of ebook and print. Although it sounds complicated, it’s not. It really isn’t! And Adam’s course gives you all the basics and extras you’ll need to be able to format beautiful digital and print books of your very own novel. You can download Vellum (for mac) for free and play around inside, with no need to pay until you wish to generate your books! Seriously, one of the best resources I’ve found so far, and Adam’s course is fantastic. Get on it!

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Self Publishing Formula – Self Publishing 101 (Mark Dawson, e-course)

Mark Dawson is an absolute legend in the indie publishing industry. Not only is he a multi-best-selling author, but he has combined his vast knowledge and experience into a super course for aspiring indie authors.

The Self-Publishing 101 course is a self-paced, life-time access course which takes you through everything you need to know to begin your career as an indie author. From starting your author platform and building your mailing list, to pre-publishing, right through to the launch and beyond.

I know I wouldn’t have had any idea how to tackle my own indie-publishing career without this course.

Self-publishing 101 is only open for intake once a year and that time is now! 
Open from October 2nd to October 23rd 2019. Click on the link below to get all the information you need to decide if this course is for you. 

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