Why routine is a recipe for boredom


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What’s the one key principle in life to a control freak? Routine. Control freaks like to be just that, in control and the best way to be in control is to have a wonderfully populated ‘To Do’ list and a highly structured routine.  I know. I’ve been there. And for a long time, it worked.

My ‘To Do’ list created a routine that made me feel safe and… well, in control. The routine of scheduling slowly crept into each and every day. All areas of my life became controlled by routine. It became my very best friend. Even more so when I had children; when it absolutely saved my sanity.

But there comes a time when routine becomes mundane and tiresome. Instead of making you feel accomplished and productive, it makes you feel as if you are living your very own groundhog day. Every. Day. Routine is a a surefire recipe to boredom.

So with this year being my year of change, I’ve began to unshackle the chains of routine.

I’ve started by ditching the ‘To Do’ list. Instead of writing down everything that needs to be done I’ve begun to rely on my innate sense of ‘knowing’ what needs to be done. Sure I still write down appointments and the basics but I’m not scheduling my day hour by hour, minute by minute. And it’s working well.

I don’t really know why or how but for some reason, I’m more relaxed. There’s a flow to the day, undefined by what needs to be done next and just by what needs to be done. Yes, there is a difference.

Along with this new found zen I’ve now stepped right outside my comfort zone and started to change up my routine. I might get up and have breakfast, do some writing then a yoga session or I might start with the yoga and finish with breakfast. When I’m getting the kids ready for school, I might get one lunch, make a bed, get the other lunch, throw on some washing and feed the cat.

Where before I had a strict order in which I did things I’m now shifting things here and there. And I’m loving it.

It’s not huge change, just here and there. Of course there are things that have to be done at particular times like getting the girls to school or heading to work, cooking dinner but it’s the little things in between than can make the difference to just another mundane day. Amazingly true.


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Are you a routine lover?

What small changes have had the biggest impact in your life recently?



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