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Time to run

Me and running are not generally friends. We have a sort of love / hate relationship, actually to be honest, it verges on more of the hate side.

You see I’m not actually a good runner, in fact ‘running’ by definition is not what I do. It’s more of a jog really, or a Cliff Young shuffle – remember him?

Anyhow, after a little spell from the pavement I’m changing up my exercise routine from the cardio/strength DVD and I am pulling on my sneakers again.

This morning I went for a run. It was about six degrees so I rugged up enough to start off warm and peel off a few layers should I work up a sweat.

I set off from home with the dog and just started running. Usually I like to ease into it but today I just felt like running. It was as if I had summoned Forrest Gump. I just ran, and ran, and ran some more!

Okay, so it wasn’t across America but I ran for about 3km, which is a big deal for me.

I enjoyed the pounding rhythm of my feet along the track and the beat of the music in my ears. I took in the scenery along the track. The gum trees swaying in the breeze, the morning sun glistening on the murky river and the last of the dew droplets on the blades of grass.

It felt good.

I love to run when it feels good. I like how it energizes me for the day ahead. How it clears my thoughts and opens my chest. And I like how my muscles feel toning, stretching and strengthening.

But not all days are like this.

I could never be a long distance runner. It seems the latest fad everywhere is running. There are many bloggers blogging about their running, and a few even attempting half marathons. They are very inspiring, or crazy. I haven’t decided which one – probably both!

For now, I’ll just keep running at my own pace, hoping for more good days than not!

Are you a runner?