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Seeing the positives



It’s been a while since I’ve written a philosophical post, so please indulge me for a moment. (Don’t worry, normal transmission – aka writing topics – will resume momentarily.)

Social media – it’s certainly changed our lives. Including the way we behave and react. But like everything, it comes down to your mindset.

How many of us get drawn down the deep, black hole of reading the comments on a post that is controversial? It can get pretty heavy and evoke all sorts of emotion and outrage. I mean, why is it we’re so easily outraged these days?

What I’ve noticed lately, is that I can brush things off so much more freely than I used to when first drawn into social media.

No longer to I get all hot under the collar and outraged when people write stupid or ridiculous comments. No longer do I feel like banging out measured and logical response on my keyboard, believing that such a well thought-out response will actually make a difference.

Generally, I’m quite an opinionated person by nature. I have strong beliefs, morals and values. But I have learned to also be respectful of others’ beliefs too – whether I agree with them or not. And I’ve also learned to ‘let things go’ when people are being irrational, rude, ignorant, or  spewing forth vitrolic comments. Or maybe I’ve just learned to ignore them as they’re so common *sad face*.

Recently, someone posted how they were enjoying a nice peaceful time meditating in a serene location until they were annoyed by an off-handed comment from a passerby. Rather than join in the outrage in the comments section, I couldn’t look past how nice it must have been to be enjoying that quiet time. In other words, I shook off the negative, and focused on the positive.

It wasn’t something I did consciously. In fact, it wasn’t until a few hours later that I’d realised that’s what I had done.

Maybe it’s an age thing. Am I reaching that point in my life (dare I say, *gulp* ‘middle age‘) where I’m less affected by these things? I’m not sure. But do know life is so much more enjoyable when I’m in a good place.

And my good place is one of peace and simplicity. And filled with the things, and people, I love. Don’t get me wrong, it’s certainly not a stress or conflict-free environment, but I make a choice to guide myself towards the peaceful and simple things as often as I can. I make an effort to focus on the positives.

And what I do know is, the world could use more kindness, peace, and simplicity don’t you think?