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What is self-actualization?

casesYou may have noticed a few minor changes around here, firstly with my intro piece to the right and secondly, to my about page. It has come about as blogging is a journey. As with life, it is an evolution. We grow, we change.

My blogging journey has seen me come from purely business based blogging, through various different blogging personas including Lipgloss Mumma and More Than a Blog, to right here today. And I do think that this blogging gig has delivered tremendous personal growth.

I have learned a lot about myself; who I am, who I want to be, what I am passionate about and what my happy place looks like. And now I am ready to take the next step.

Which is where self-actualization comes in.

Recently I began studying a copy writing course which is something I am looking forward to adding to my writing repertoire soon. Now in this course one of the first lessons covers how to tap into the head-space of the target consumer. It is here I was introduced to the heirachy of human needs. You may have seen it before, and I do vaguely remember it from Year 11/12 Psychology.

In 1943, American Psychologist Abraham Maslow introduced his theory of human motivation in which he detailed the patterns he believed humans go through. His theory is still widely respected in psychology today.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

maslow-hierarchy-of-needs-diagramAs you can see from the pyramid, Maslow believed our most basic needs were Physiological – food, water, shelter, warmth. From there we then seek safety and security. Once these needs are met we look to fill our social needs in the form of love, friendship & family. And then our self-esteem, confidence and sense of accomplishment and achievement. The highest level, which we seek after all our other needs have been met, is called self-actualization.

In basic terms, self actualization is the ongoing process of fully developing your personal growth. It is where we look to explore all our possibilities and seek to reach achieve our full potential.

When I first began exploring the theory of self-actualization I had one of those light-bulb moments. I had finally found a word that described where I felt I was at in my life. The end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one. A fuller one.


Self-actualization isn’t a destination, it is a process. An ongoing process where you seek to find a meaning to life, your life, as important to you. It is where you strive to be the best you can be.

To me this means through writing.

Through making words count. And through sharing experiences with others.

Not only do I want to share my journey, I want to support and encourage others to find their potential. It’s a process I want to share and explore with you.

So this is where some more changes will come into play.

Over the next little while I will begin to focus on the things important to me right now which I feel will lead me on my quest of self-actualization: Writing. Living Simply and Living Purposefully. And I really want you to come along for the ride and find your own journey into self-actualization.

It’s funny how you reach a point in your life when despite daily stresses and unrest you can still feel at peace. That’s where I am.

If you had have asked me about this five or ten years ago I would have probably snorted at the idea, as airy fairy crap. But you know what, I really feel it now and I’m excited to explore it further.

I hope you will stick with me. The changes won’t be dramatic and I will still be blogging from the heart, I see this as a positive change. I have direction and meaning.

And now I also realise why the word change came to me as my word for 2014.