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Sharing something that’s not mine

It’s Tuesday and my mind is elsewhere. The words up there are too jumbled to come out at the moment and in times like these I concentrate on my fiction. Something far away from the realities of my life, a hiding place if you will.

But it is Tuesday and I did want to blog today so I began wracking my brain, shaking the contents around like trying to get a 50 cent coin out of a money box. It’s still stuck.

So instead I decided to share something that is not mine, but something that has stuck with me.

Last week Anne from Domesblissity posted a YouTube clip from a commencement speech at an American College. John Green speaks to the graduating class and captures something so simple, but something that gets so lost in the pace of life. He spoke to me and it stuck, so much so that I am annoyingly sharing with every person I know.

Trust me. You MUST watch this. It’s about 20 minutes long but make the time. Even if you have to have it on in the background while you work/blog/make dinner. But listen. Then listen again. You’ll want to.

Introducing Mr. John Green.

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