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The butterfly effect starts now

Sometimes we get wrapped up in life, so much so that we forget where we are going. Life has a way of taking over, leaving us feeling like we are on a never ending mouse wheel running round and round. But what is it we are running to? Sometimes it is so easy to forget.

Society is good at telling us where we should be running or what path we should be following. The information age that we live in provides us with an over-abundance of material on which to base our decisions. All it takes is a quick Google search and with a simple click of your mouse, you are taken on a journey through the world wide web full what, how, why and how much.

But is all this information healthy? Is it just all too  much. I think very much so.

We have been conditioned by the internet and the information age to second guess our intuition and what we really want and feel deep down. We need to clarify and check if what we want is well… for use of a better word, acceptable.

Does what we want fit into societies vision? After all don’t we just want to fit in?

The problem of fitting in is that we humans aren’t made the same. We were designed with one of the most complicated brains capable of high levels of thinking, emotion and awareness. Each of us, although essentially the same in structure, is unique within; with our own thoughts, visions, feelings and intuition. “Fitting in”  doesn’t make sense, yet we still move forward with this way of thinking. Rather than build awareness and acceptance of each other, we try just be normal, whatever that may be. It makes us feel safe.

What we should be doing is celebrating our differences, supporting each others choices and acknowledging the qualities that make us individual human beings.

Pie in the sky thinking, probably. But it’s the ripple in the pond, the butterfly effect. It starts at home. With confidence to just be and the respect to be non-judgmental of others.

As someone wise once said “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.

Are you being the change? Are you being you?

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