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What is a simple life?


I love daisies. They are one of my favourite flowers. Not because they are beautiful or romantic, but just because they are simple. They don’t need a lot of fancy fertilizers, good soil or even a lot of water, yet their smiling yellow faces find the sun wherever they are. Simple and happy.

That’s how I want to be.

It’s no doubt that simple living and a minimalism are buzz words right now. It seems everyone is craving a simpler life. We are over the stress of living beyond our means and the hectic, never ending struggle for life balance. Instead we are seeking calm and peace. Time to pause and re-evaluate. To value simple things such as family and self, over more materialistic things.

It all sounds good in theory, but as with everything it is harder to implement in reality.

The first step in understanding what a living simply means to you.

What is a simple life for you? What is your definition of a minimalistic life?

It will be different for everyone.

As someone who is relatively new to working towards simple living, I’m still figuring it out. And in speaking to others, and reading blogs on the topic it seems that it is a continual process. You don’t reach a point where you can say ‘this is my simple life’ more like, ‘this is my simple life journey’. And I like that.

So what have I learned so far about ‘my’ simple living project? I’m so glad you asked.

1. Choosing to live a simple life means just starting somewhere

2. De-cluttering your house room by room is a great place to start

3. It is important to work out what is most important to you. (more on this in a post to come)

4. De-cluttering the mind is an important part of the process

5. Choosing to live a simple life to me, means choosing to live my life with purpose

6. Change can be gradual or accelerated. And it varies constantly.

7. The more you simplify and live with purpose in mind, the more you desire to live your life that way.

8. Less is most definitely more


This year I’m looking forward to fearlessly living with less. To working out more what is important to me and how rewarding a simple life can be.

Of course there are things that I choose in life that aren’t simple in nature, such as travel, commitment to hard work, and enjoying the variety of life, but again simple living is about the how and why, not necessarily the what.


Are you trying to live with a simple life?

What does simple living and living with purpose mean to you?