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Slow and steady… NaNoWriMo

Day nine of NaNoWriMo is slowly slipping by. If you want to wish away a month I suggest taking on a challenge like this. It only feels like yesterday that I sat down at the computer cursor flashing and waiting for me fill the page with the story in my head. Now as I sit here I have filled that blank screen with over 14,000 words and although I am not entirely on track for the 50,ooo I am still proud that I have 14,000 more words than I did nine days ago.

When I finally get into the rhythm and the story starts to flow it is a wonderful feeling. Sometimes my fingers can’t type fast enough to keep up. I find that the emotional scenes flow a lot easier than the mundane filler pages as this is where my connection to the story lies. The difference between being  a writer and a great writer though is in making the mundane as interesting and captivating as the crux of the story. That is my test.

At the moment I have but a skeleton. That is the way I have come to appreciate the first draft – a skeleton waiting to be fleshed out with details, description and emotion. Words ready to be moulded and shaped into the story I see in my head.  I have tried hard not to read back through what I have written as my inner editor will rear her head, big red pen in hand and attack my words. I have to be patient.

I am hopeful that I will get the majority of my words down next week. It is a big task but the week after and the final week is when me move house. Oh, yes I have planned this month so well haven’t I? But as I have said before, I do love a challenge and a deadline.

I have been thinking about sharing my synopsis with you, but am not quite ready yet. I will concentrate on the words. Nothing but the words for now.


Are you doing NaNoWriMo? How’s your progress?

Or maybe you are doing #photoaday or #blogvember?

So much going on this month!



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