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Slow. Quick. Slow.

2014 has arrived bringing with it lazy days and anticipation of what the year holds.

The first week was spent on the coast in less than perfect weather but we made the most of it. Beach time, long walks, mini golf and quiet evenings. Once again my writing mojo also took a holiday as it tends to do at this time of year but I didn’t stress. Maybe she needed a break as much as I?

As I knew she would, last week she returned with full force. I pitched four ideas and wrote down countless others to research and find the perfect hook. I wrote two articles which are due to be published in the next week or so and began first thoughts of a new fiction idea which is beginning to sprout – I love that feeling. I began to get into some sort of rhythm; balancing writing, family and home. It won’t also be so smooth all the time I know, but for school holidays I’m pretty damn happy how it went.

This week will be spent with more writing and letting the kids enjoy a week of not much besides swimming and staying home, before we head to Adelaide on Saturday. It’s our annual trek to the Tour Down Under, this will be our 11th year and again I’m excited. There won’t be much blogging going on and it will be the final time to relax and enjoy family before the routine of the school year starts up yet again.

I’ve even stayed true to my word for the year implementing change in the form of my new morning routine. 6am wake up, twenty minutes of stretching followed by a fifteen minute yoga session, shower and breakfast. I’m surprised how good I feel. I’m still pretty tired by the end of the day but I feel better inside and from within is where growth begins.

I’m enjoying the calm and rythmic pattern that 2014 has brought. It’s been slow, quick and then slow again. For a control freak who normally thrives on the go, go, go, of life it’s a welcome change. And that’s what this year is all about.

And yes, I am blogging from the almost perfect workspace above. Permission to be jealous granted.


How’s your 2014 started?