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Some days

Some days are good. Some are bad. And some just aren’t worth mentioning. Today is one of those days.

A day where from the moment you wake, in my case after sleeping through the alarm, you know that things are just going to go downhill. It seems Miss 4 got out of the wrong side of bed too. We clash at the best of times, so when both of us aren’t off to a good start things often end in tears – from both of us.

After struggling through the morning I decided to take my sad and sorry self on a walk. Dogs in tow, we walked down our river path only 50 meters from our house. This path peacefully winds its way along the river through bushland. Usually I would be plugged into my iPod but today I was even too worked up for that.

I needed peace and quiet. Silence to listen to the sounds of nature. The river ever so gently ambling its way over fallen trees and sandy banks. The piercing sounds of the cicadas ringing out from their hiding places. The bird life stirring in the trees, chirping and singing as they watch me pass. The rustle of the bushy scrub as a lizard scurries along. And the gentle morning breeze quieting my soul.

Some days we need to cut the noise and listen to life.

Today is one of those days.