Something a bit exciting


Late last week a little email arrived in my inbox telling me I had been nominated for the Best Blog Award at!

It’s a little exciting!

Now usually I’m not one for competitions, particularly those voted by the public; they usually just turn into popularity contests which for me, misses the whole point. So when I received the email I was a little torn.

Do I complete the nomination and enter? or Do I just accept the nomination and be happy with that?

It took me a little while to mull it all over and then I decided that I would complete the nomination.

Someone obviously thinks enough of me and what I do here to go to the effort of nominating me. To simply brush it off would be rude and disrespectful.

I am truly honoured to be nominated, and to me, the gesture is more than just a good thought.

It means that I have connected through the words I write. Even if it is only to one person, to them, I made my words count. That is why I”m here. That is the purpose of blogging. The connection, the respect and the community. Even though my community is only tiny in comparison to others, it is something that means a lot to me.

So yes, I am entered and here is the part I dislike the most: Asking for votes!

I’m not good at asking for help at the best of times, and usually do it in a round about way, something along the lines of…

“Um… so do you think, if you could,…. if you don’t mind…. but of course if you can’t I understand…. but do you think…..”


So yes, all of the above. If you think that my blog is deserving of a little vote I’d love for you to pop over and vote for me.

The link is HERE and if you register to vote as per instructions you go into the draw for a cool little family adventure. However, if you don’t want to register you can simply just click on the CLICK HERE TO VOTE and then find my name and blog, click on it and then click the VOTE FOR ME button.

Now the voting site has been a little overloaded so it may be quite slow, and you may need to refresh the page, so if you have a few moments, and you think I’m worthy, I’d be forever grateful for your time to vote for me.


And to the someone who nominated, thank you. It means more than you know.


Are you a fan of people’s choice competitions?


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