The Aspiring Writer: When you feel like giving up

. It’s been a while since I’ve written a post in my ongoing, although spasmodic, Aspiring Writer series, but I thought this would be a good one to add. . Have you ever felt like throwing it all in? Every writer feels like giving up at some (or many) stages of their writing. Whether you’re … Read more

3 Easy Steps to Build Your Author Platform

  Whether you plan to self-publish, indie publish or follow the traditional publishing route, building your author platform is a necessary part of your tool kit.   So what is an author platform? Put simply, an author platform is your presence on the internet. It’s where you engage with the outside world, where your readers find … Read more

5 ways to improve your writing right now

Writing is a craft. Something that is painstakingly fine tuned over time – lots of time. But there are steps you can take to improve your writing right now.   Write Every Day This is nothing new. Forming a daily writing habit is something all writers strive to do. My most popular post last year … Read more

Pitch Your Novel Course Review

This post comes at the request of Marie McLean, a fellow aspiring writer. You see, when I tweeted that I’d just enrolled in the Australian Writers’ Centre Pitch Your Novel course, Marie tweeted saying she was looking forward to my impending blog post on the course. So, just for you Marie, (and other aspiring writers of … Read more

The Aspiring Writer: Manuscript Assessment

This edition of The Aspiring Writer series, comes at the request on Instagram from two lovely writers @mariemcleanwrites ( and @alyssamackay ( Marie and Alyssa commented after I had posted about receiving my feedback from my latest manuscript assessment, asking if I’d blogged about manuscript assessments, and I hadn’t – until now!   What is a manuscript … Read more

The Aspiring Writer: Impostor Syndrome

Impostor syndrome isn’t a new concept, it’s something most people will encounter during their life. For a writer, impostor syndrome manifests itself in our psyche, laying a veil of self-doubt over our thoughts and actions. We continually feel our writing is inadequate and rubbish, and that nothing we write will be good enough. Ever. In … Read more

The Aspiring Writer: The Thinker

The other day I had what on first glance, would seem like a very unproductive day. Although I sat down to start the second draft of manuscript number two, I didn’t really get any words on the page. Why? Because I was thinking. Thinking is an understated and often unspoken part of the writing process. … Read more

The Aspiring Writer: Getting Serious

The Aspiring Writer series is a collection of my thoughts and experiences on my writing journey. Thoughts and experiences that I can share to not only encourage and inspire other writers, but to also keep it real. After all, my journey is only in its infancy, but we all have to start somewhere right? If you’re … Read more

The Aspiring Writer: The D word

Welcome to the first in what will be an ongoing, but spontaneous series on my blog called “The aspiring writer: Essential tips for ambitious writers”.  I’ve decided to title posts that relate specifically to aspiring writers so they can be easily found. The Aspiring Writer series will be a collection of my thoughts and experiences on my … Read more