Why I’m redefining the work/life balance myth

Work/life balance has been a phrase thrown around for some time now. The buzz phase of the 21st century to appeal to those who want it all and aim to get it all by successfully balancing career and life. I’ve been there and done that. Been sucked in by the whole – “You can have … Read more

The answer to everything

I have the answer to everything. Moderation and balance. There you go. End of post.   Well, not really. You see, we all know that moderation and balance are the keys to life, don’t we? Let’s see… Eating: moderation Exercising: moderation Work: balance Parenting: balance Drinking: moderation Dreaming: balance Easy, isn’t it? Don’t overeat, don’t … Read more

Choosing to no longer fight myself

Once upon a time there was an¬†intelligent, sensitive, driven young woman who desired to succeed. She bought into the feminist theory that woman can have it all, just as much as the next man. Then one day, everything came crashing down. She needed a break. She indeed had it all; family, career, life. But it … Read more