Where have all the good bloggers gone?

It’s true. I do spend a lot of time reading blogs. I guess it’s not something to be ashamed of, apart from the copious amounts of time that probably should be spent doing other things like writing, but I see it is inspiration.  A little peak into someones headspace, a fleeting glance into their life without feeling like a stalker.

For me reading blogs can be a mix of self-discovery, entertainment, learning, inspiration and research. But lately I’m a little lost.

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Envy or Admiration?

It’s something that all writers experience more often than not. Writer Envy. No matter what your passion and talent; non-fiction, feature article, blogger, fiction, chances are not a day goes by when you don’t read something and think ‘Wow!’ followed by a ‘I wish could write like that‘. But it’s not always an emotion coloured … Read more

What do psychology, writing and people watching have in common?

Psychology has always interested me. I remember in Year 11 being enthralled in Psych class learning about psychoanalysis, cognitive therapy, dreams and the unconscious mind, and still today I find it interesting. Although I didn’t go onto study Psychology, part of me wishes I had. I find myself drawn to the way people think and act and I think … Read more