Writing Prompt Challenge No 3

It’s that time again! Time to challenge your creativity, let your imagine run wild, and your fingers speed into overdrive with ten minutes of free writing. If this is the first time you’re joining, you may wish to check out the the very first Writing Prompt Challenge or Writing Prompt Challenge No 2. Both of which had … Read more

Do you hold a grudge?

I like to think of myself as a friendly person. I don’t hate people, (hate is such a strong word), but of course there are people that I dislike and I like to think that is no different anyone else. There will always be people that we just don’t ‘get’ and don’t ‘click’with which is fine. I’m sure there are many people that think that way of me.  But what if someone really rubs you the wrong way? What if someone purposely sets out to bad mouth you? Could you simply shrug it off? Forgive and forget? Move on?

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Ever felt like this?

Some days you just wish you didn’t get out of bed. Yesterday was like that.

It started off well enough, the kids got off to school on time, the house was relatively clean but then it was like someone tipped the day, and more so me, on my head. Within the space of half an hour I was feeling consumed by an avalanche of ‘to dos’. Things that weren’t on my to do list that seemed to crop up with urgency plastered all over them.

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Writing Insights: The intricacy of the sub plot

I wrote the other week about the importance of characters and my thoughts on how crucial they are to the story, and 75,000 words into my current work I am really happy with my characters.  They are well rounded and have found their voice. They are emotionally responsive, flawed and relateable; everything I wanted them to be. And I think I have succeed in them them taking me on their journey,showing me what they would do next rather than me telling them. So on the character front I think I am doing okay, maybe even well but one thing that is challenging me and creating negative dialogue in my head is the story line and subplot.

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