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It has been eight weeks since I finished the first draft of my manuscript and stepped away to bask in the glory of reaching another minor goal on my writing journey. The feeling of elation and achievement was fulfilling to say the least and a part of me wanted to leave it all there. Finish. Done. No need to pursue further. But another part of me knew of course I wouldn’t!

It actually took me about two weeks to get the characters out of my consciousness. To stop thinking about the ‘what ifs‘ and the ‘I should haves‘, and for the six weeks I have tried really hard not to let the story seep back into my mind. 

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Writing Insights: The intricacy of the sub plot

I wrote the other week about the importance of characters and my thoughts on how crucial they are to the story, and 75,000 words into my current work I am really happy with my characters.  They are well rounded and have found their voice. They are emotionally responsive, flawed and relateable; everything I wanted them to be. And I think I have succeed in them them taking me on their journey,showing me what they would do next rather than me telling them. So on the character front I think I am doing okay, maybe even well but one thing that is challenging me and creating negative dialogue in my head is the story line and subplot.

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Writing Insights: Characters

I like to call myself a writer and although I have a long way to go ( a loooong way to go) I have learned a lot on my journey so far. I’m certainly no expert and don’t have a whole lot of wisdom to share but I thought I’d share my insights thus far.

Now let’s preface this post by saying my  ‘Writing Insights’ posts won’t appeal to everyone so feel free to click on now, for the rest of you let’s talk about what I’ve learned about characters.

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What do psychology, writing and people watching have in common?

Psychology has always interested me. I remember in Year 11 being enthralled in Psych class learning about psychoanalysis, cognitive therapy, dreams and the unconscious mind, and still today I find it interesting. Although I didn’t go onto study Psychology, part of me wishes I had. I find myself drawn to the way people think and act and I think … Read more