Navigating self-doubt as a writer

Navigating self-doubt as a writer is an ongoing battle that one, no matter how successful, will never conquer.Self-doubt. From those just dipping their toes in the writing world, to successfully published authors, self-doubt doesn’t discriminate. I’m sorry to say, it really is a constant companion. That could be the end of this article. With the … Read more

What is self-actualization?

You may have noticed a few minor changes around here, firstly with my intro piece to the right and secondly, to my about page. It has come about as blogging is a journey. As with life, it is an evolution. We grow, we change. My blogging journey has seen me come from purely business based … Read more

Confidence is a funny thing

Last weekend a stampede Australia’s bloggers headed north to attend the 2013 ProBlogger training event on the Gold Coast. I was not one of them. I have toyed with the idea of going both last year and again this year and both times the hurdles of distance, finance and family responsibilities presented themselves. Now there would certainly be ways over these hurdles but to me they were also a kind of safety net. The safety net where I could catch myself so I didn’t have to put myself out of my comfort zone.

Read moreConfidence is a funny thing