Lessons from 2015 Part 2: From wanting it all to not wanting much at all

In my twenties and into my thirties, I was motivated and inspired by the catch cry “You can have it all!” Love, career, family, friends and everything in between. Women were standing on their soap boxes joyfully proclaiming this sentiment. The click-bait headline of the naughties was ’10 easy steps to having it all’. And … Read more

How much are we shaped?

Remember that movie Sliding Doors? The one with Gwenyth Paltrow? I really love that movie, not because of it’s brilliant acting (John Hannah is good though), or even the story line as such. I just love the concept. The idea that different decisions and/or different events in life shape the rest of our lives. You can’t … Read more

My word for 2014 is….

When I chose my word for 2013 it was a process. A process of deciding what I needed to find in my life to focus on. This time in thinking about my word for 2014, it didn’t involve much thinking at all. It made itself very clear to me towards the end of the year and when I could feel the bubbles of excitement from within I knew this was it.

Read moreMy word for 2014 is….