Story ideas: The big scary ones

. Story ideas are funny things. Some say they have an abundance of ideas. Others have ideas swirling around their head but they take a while to fully form into something that can be articulated. And then there are others for whom ideas are few and far between. I have a notebook dedicated to story … Read more

Ideas: Where do they come from?

It’s a question most writers will be asked. Where do you get your ideas? Where do you draw your inspiration from? I’d love to say¬†there’s a honey pot full of sweet, sticky ideas just waiting to dip your finger into. But there’s not. However, ideas are everywhere. You just need to be open to them. … Read more

The Aspiring Writer: The Thinker

The other day I had what on first glance, would seem like a very unproductive day. Although I sat down to start the second draft of manuscript number two, I didn’t really get any words on the page. Why? Because I was thinking. Thinking is an understated and often unspoken part of the writing process. … Read more

Simple and beautiful

Closing my eyes, calming my mind it doesn’t take much to take me back to a time that was simple and beautiful. When each morning slowly wandered into the afternoon and one day melted into the next. A time of chocolate mates, mixed tapes and roller-skates. A time when the cares in the world were concerns of our parents and time was just a number on the digital clock in your bedroom.

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When ideas strike

Last night as I was sitting quietly minding my own business lurking around social media and listening to husband snore on the couch next to me, something happened.

A little seed inside my brain began sprouting, the little shoot forcing it’s way out to drink in the sunlight ready to grow.

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