About opinions

I’m quite an opinionated person. I tend to jump forth with my initial reaction¬†without regard for the whole situation. It’s something I’m working on. For me, being opinionated struggles with my want for a less judgmental society. After all, isn’t an opinion a judgment? Yes. And no. Yes, as you are making a judgment on … Read more

The answer to everything

I have the answer to everything. Moderation and balance. There you go. End of post.   Well, not really. You see, we all know that moderation and balance are the keys to life, don’t we? Let’s see… Eating: moderation Exercising: moderation Work: balance Parenting: balance Drinking: moderation Dreaming: balance Easy, isn’t it? Don’t overeat, don’t … Read more

Has the world gone crazy? Or is it just me?

Is anyone really over everything at the moment, or is it just me? I turn on Facebook and my feed is full of clickbait headlines, over-the-top opinions, and the rest is just stupid time-sucking nonsense. Twitter has the smallest window for genuine connection, with the majority of the time everyone yelling Me! Me! Me! And … Read more