Purpose: How to find purpose in the boring and mundaneness of life.

(image from here) I can’t believe this is my first post for the week! It’s been a full week. And I’ve been thinking a lot about purpose and life. This week I have spent two days implementing a new accounting system for my husband’s business. I’d like to say it’s been fun, but it hasn’t. But it’s … Read more

Holidays, sliding doors and digital detoxes.

I have been M.I.A for the past week. It wasn’t planned or scheduled, it just happened.

We spent five days visiting Sydney and having the best time. Days were spent wandering, beaching, exploring, shopping and taking in the splendid sites of Sydney harbour.

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Start spreading the news…

I love to travel, which is strange as I had no desire to travel when I was growing up. I attribute that to my parents being non-travellers. Dad had been overseas for work in his younger years, but didn’t have much interest in travelling after that and my mother was a home-body.

It wasn’t until my early twenties when my feet became itchy, my then partner had no interest in travel, but I was becoming restless wondering what was out there.

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The new mid-life crisis

When I think mid-life crisis my mind conjures up visions of sleazy middle-aged men driving around in red sports cars or Harley Davidson’s.  Not really sure why… something about cliche’s. But what about women? There has been a shift. A real shift. More and more women are suffering from depression, anxiety and plain hopelessness. It … Read more

Choosing to no longer fight myself

Once upon a time there was an intelligent, sensitive, driven young woman who desired to succeed. She bought into the feminist theory that woman can have it all, just as much as the next man. Then one day, everything came crashing down. She needed a break. She indeed had it all; family, career, life. But it … Read more