7 things you need to stop doing now

We have a tendency to be our own worst enemies. We are overly critical not only of ourselves, but each other. We put ourselves last and always question our gut feelings. Well the time to stop is now. After much self analysis I’ve narrowed it down to  7 things that I need to stop doing, … Read more

When ideas strike

Last night as I was sitting quietly minding my own business lurking around social media and listening to husband snore on the couch next to me, something happened.

A little seed inside my brain began sprouting, the little shoot forcing it’s way out to drink in the sunlight ready to grow.

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Are you seizing the day?

This morning I read a blog post from Pip over at Bub, Sweat & Tears titled a Better Me. (Worth a read so do pop over!) In the post Pip mentions one of my (and as it turns out her) favourite movies – Dead Poets Society which got me reminiscing, not only about the movie but a blog post I wrote a few years ago on another blog. And what better way to blog without blogging – recycling!

So here it is!

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Sharing something that’s not mine

It’s Tuesday and my mind is elsewhere. The words up there are too jumbled to come out at the moment and in times like these I concentrate on my fiction. Something far away from the realities of my life, a hiding place if you will.

But it is Tuesday and I did want to blog today so I began wracking my brain, shaking the contents around like trying to get a 50 cent coin out of a money box. It’s still stuck.

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Envy or Admiration?

It’s something that all writers experience more often than not. Writer Envy. No matter what your passion and talent; non-fiction, feature article, blogger, fiction, chances are not a day goes by when you don’t read something and think ‘Wow!’ followed by a ‘I wish could write like that‘. But it’s not always an emotion coloured … Read more