Pining for days gone by

Do you ever think of your childhood? Stupid question, of course you do. But I mean really think about it. Pine for it.

I have moments when a part of me aches for the pure, innocent days of my childhood. Days when the best thing that happened was walking to the corner store with twenty cents to buy a bag of mixed lollies. 

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Holidays, sliding doors and digital detoxes.

I have been M.I.A for the past week. It wasn’t planned or scheduled, it just happened.

We spent five days visiting Sydney and having the best time. Days were spent wandering, beaching, exploring, shopping and taking in the splendid sites of Sydney harbour.

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Treading water

Do you know what I’ve done today? Not a whole lot, that’s what. It’s even taken me most of the day to figure what to blog about. The problem being I just can’t think straight. Things have been busy around here lately, and although I’m not complaining I feel I have been rolling like a stone evolving into a ball of gigantic proportions. I wouldn’t’ really say I’m overwhelmed, just tired. It’s the coming down after a few weeks of highs.

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When ideas strike

Last night as I was sitting quietly minding my own business lurking around social media and listening to husband snore on the couch next to me, something happened.

A little seed inside my brain began sprouting, the little shoot forcing it’s way out to drink in the sunlight ready to grow.

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The crazy roller-coaster

There’s a lot to be said for positive thinking but it is a bit of a catch-22. When things go well naturally we feel on a high. Life feels good and we feel like we can take on anything. Positive thinking becomes forefront of our mind and the laws of attraction (if they do exist) start to kick in.

The last few weeks have been good weeks.

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This is who I am

For a huge part of my life I have tried to hide who I am.

I have tried to be what others want.

I have followed paths influenced by others.

I have been embarrased and shy to show who I  really am.

Perhaps it’s because until recently, I didn’t know who I was.

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