The lighthouse keeper

“The sea washes angrily against the rocky shoreline while the wind howls and moans with a painful tiredness. Looking out the small window the only light is the long flash from above me warning the ships to stay awake, be alert and travel onward safely. Although the storm is rising the blackness of night is calming.

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Ever felt like this?

Some days you just wish you didn’t get out of bed. Yesterday was like that.

It started off well enough, the kids got off to school on time, the house was relatively clean but then it was like someone tipped the day, and more so me, on my head. Within the space of half an hour I was feeling consumed by an avalanche of ‘to dos’. Things that weren’t on my to do list that seemed to crop up with urgency plastered all over them.

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Why I’m happy for P!nk to be a role model for my girls

Sunday night Mr. Husband and I travelled to the ‘big smoke’ to see P!ink in concert. A combination of road trip, concert and 24 hours without children – I was very excited indeed!

I have been a Pink fan ever since she burst onto the scene in in 2000 with her singles ‘There you go’ and ‘Most girls’. Pink was different, angry and soulful and just the thing needed at the time to liven up the deflated music scene.

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What to do with all that money?

Today I have for you a light-hearted fun post, as I’m feeling that way inclined, so why not?

I’m not really a gambler. I don’t bet on the horses, or any sport for that matter, I don’t flutter on the pokies and  I rarely buy a tattslotto ticket. I don’t like the odds. But the strange thing is when I do buy a ticket it’s usually in one of those super draws, like the  30 Million Dollar Tattslotto draw on the weekend or the Oz Lotto draw tonight, 50 Million Dollars. Silly really. All that money.

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Are you seizing the day?

This morning I read a blog post from Pip over at Bub, Sweat & Tears titled a Better Me. (Worth a read so do pop over!) In the post Pip mentions one of my (and as it turns out her) favourite movies – Dead Poets Society which got me reminiscing, not only about the movie but a blog post I wrote a few years ago on another blog. And what better way to blog without blogging – recycling!

So here it is!

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Where have all the good bloggers gone?

It’s true. I do spend a lot of time reading blogs. I guess it’s not something to be ashamed of, apart from the copious amounts of time that probably should be spent doing other things like writing, but I see it is inspiration.  A little peak into someones headspace, a fleeting glance into their life without feeling like a stalker.

For me reading blogs can be a mix of self-discovery, entertainment, learning, inspiration and research. But lately I’m a little lost.

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Tonight I’m feeling low. Sometimes the world just gets to you. All the bad stuff.

The violence. The rapes and assaults. The domestic violence. The harm to our precious children. The drug and alcohol abuse. Poverty and family breakdown. The homelessness. Illness. Those dealing with mental health issues in a society that doesn’t know how to deal with them. A justice system that is broken and hope-less.