Momentum and Moving Forward

I’ve written a few blog posts over the past week or so. Some of which I never intended to publish. They were simply a way for me to work through my internal thoughts and feelings and help me decide on my direction. After all, my word for 2020 is momentum. If you read my last … Read more

Pitch Your Novel Course Review

This post comes at the request of Marie McLean, a fellow aspiring writer. You see, when I tweeted that I’d just enrolled in the Australian Writers’ Centre Pitch Your Novel course, Marie tweeted saying she was looking forward to my impending blog post on the course. So, just for you Marie, (and other aspiring writers of … Read more

So you want to be a writer?

Does it feel like everyone wants to be a writer right now or is it just me? It seems everywhere I turn there are hopeful freelancers endlessly pitching and dreamy writers penning the book they have always had inside them. There is an old saying ‘everyone has a book in them‘ but I’m not sure if it is true. Absolutely everyone has a story to tell, there is not doubt, but there is a huge difference between a story to tell and actually getting it down on paper.

Read moreSo you want to be a writer?