An Indie Publishing Journey: Chapter 5 (Imposter Syndrome)

The other day was a particularly special one in my publishing journey. I revealed the cover for my debut novel The Memories We Hide. First to see were my super-reader team, and then my VIP newsletter subscribers. The feedback was so positive, it had me buzzing. Then I reveal the cover to the wider world … Read more

Taking writer’s doubt to a new level

. As I’m currently spending my writing time trudging deep through the rewrite of my next manuscript, I’ve been having a bit of a tough time. Like all writers and authors, my struggle with impostor syndrome and writer’s doubt is real. But, with my unique talent of taking things to new heights, I’ve developed the … Read more

Navigating self-doubt as a writer

Navigating self-doubt as a writer is an ongoing battle that one, no matter how successful, will never conquer.Self-doubt. From those just dipping their toes in the writing world, to successfully published authors, self-doubt doesn’t discriminate. I’m sorry to say, it really is a constant companion. That could be the end of this article. With the … Read more