How Facebook’s changes will affect your author page

. Facebook. The mega social media juggernaut which keeps on growing. Love it or hate it, you can’t deny the power and influence Facebook has on our modern lives. For writers and authors, it has become a necessary part of building our platform and a community around our writing. It can however, be a roller-coaster … Read more

Seeing the positives

  . It’s been a while since I’ve written a philosophical post, so please indulge me for a moment. (Don’t worry, normal transmission – aka writing topics – will resume momentarily.) Social media – it’s certainly changed our lives. Including the way we behave and react. But like everything, it comes down to your mindset. … Read more

The Power of Connection aka Meeting Other Writers

Writing is a solitary pursuit. It can be lonely and isolating. And although family and friends are supportive, unless they are writers themselves, they don’t understand the pull, commitment, frustrations and joys that writing brings. This is why the internet has been such a wonderful thing for writers. Online writing groups and communities, and of … Read more

3 Easy Steps to Build Your Author Platform

  Whether you plan to self-publish, indie publish or follow the traditional publishing route, building your author platform is a necessary part of your tool kit.   So what is an author platform? Put simply, an author platform is your presence on the internet. It’s where you engage with the outside world, where your readers find … Read more

Instagram for Writers the why & how

It’s true a picture can speak louder than words, which is why Instagram is one of the biggest social networks right now. But for authors, where words are the most important commodity, how can Instagram be a useful tool? After playing around with Instagram for the last couple of years, I’ve come to realise that there are plenty … Read more

Treading water

Do you know what I’ve done today? Not a whole lot, that’s what. It’s even taken me most of the day to figure what to blog about. The problem being I just can’t think straight. Things have been busy around here lately, and although I’m not complaining I feel I have been rolling like a stone evolving into a ball of gigantic proportions. I wouldn’t’ really say I’m overwhelmed, just tired. It’s the coming down after a few weeks of highs.

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