The Aspiring Writer: The Thinker

The other day I had what on first glance, would seem like a very unproductive day. Although I sat down to start the second draft of manuscript number two, I didn’t really get any words on the page. Why? Because I was thinking. Thinking is an understated and often unspoken part of the writing process. … Read more

What does living with purpose mean to you?

Do you ever feel you are simply floating along with the current? Letting life take you where it may? Our lives are so busy and time is a commodity. All too easily we get swept up in life, going from day to day, not living, just existing. Day by day, week by week, year by year life continues on. A momentum. One morning we will wake up and wonder what happened. We will have the photos on instagram and all the ‘look at me’  status updates on Facebook, but will we have the memories? The real memories that are held not only in our mind but our heart? In today’s world it seems we are simply existing with no real destination in mind and with no thought or meaning. So what would life look like if we were purposeful and lived with intent. It’s a thought I often ponder.

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