The Calm Before The Storm

Today is the 31st of October, which means tomorrow is November 1. The beginning of NaNoWriMo. If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about you can read about it here, here and here. I do a lot of writing about it. Sorry.

So with today brings calm anticipation, a splash of butterflies, an unsettling fear and a huge wash of excitement. I’m ready. Just.

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This is who I am

For a huge part of my life I have tried to hide who I am.

I have tried to be what others want.

I have followed paths influenced by others.

I have been embarrased and shy to show who I  really am.

Perhaps it’s because until recently, I didn’t know who I was.

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Writing Insights: Characters

I like to call myself a writer and although I have a long way to go ( a loooong way to go) I have learned a lot on my journey so far. I’m certainly no expert and don’t have a whole lot of wisdom to share but I thought I’d share my insights thus far.

Now let’s preface this post by saying my  ‘Writing Insights’ posts won’t appeal to everyone so feel free to click on now, for the rest of you let’s talk about what I’ve learned about characters.

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The new mid-life crisis

When I think mid-life crisis my mind conjures up visions of sleazy middle-aged men driving around in red sports cars or Harley Davidson’s.  Not really sure why… something about cliche’s. But what about women? There has been a shift. A real shift. More and more women are suffering from depression, anxiety and plain hopelessness. It … Read more

Life Insights: No such thing as no regrets

I hesitate before I wrote this post, mainly because it could be viewed as negative, but it’s not really intended to be. Truth is I have had this post in my head for such a long time. These thoughts that constantly grind away and sometimes begin to consume me. Regrets are hard. They have such … Read more