Too many words

I haven’t been blogging much lately and that seems to be the opening line of my last few blog posts. Recurring theme perhaps? It’s not that I haven’t had anything to blog about, no quite the opposite. My brain is full of blog fodder, but getting it in order is the difficult part.

When I come to blog I tend to let the words just roll off my fingertips, direct from my brain. A lot of the time they don’t make much sense until I go back and edit them, putting them in a sensible order and polishing the paragraphs so they are nice and shiny. But lately I’ve been confused.

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How not to write

So I’ve been focusing on writing this week. Really focusing. I’m aiming for 500 words a day on my novel and I’m working on a couple of articles and pitches. But… things don’t always go to plan.

Unfortunately for me I do my best writing when the clock hits about 11pm the other unfortunate thing is that is supposed to be bedtime. However, today much to my surprise I ended up with an unexpected spare hour of time.

One whole hour. Everything was perfect. Here I was child-free, work up to date, the housework under control and it was pouring rain so a run was off the agenda. A perfect time to write! 

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Busyness and excuses

I’ve been a bit slack on the writing front lately. Not that I want to be. Somehow stupid, mundane life has managed to get in the way. This past few weeks has been filled with birthdays, relatives visiting, dance comps and general busyness. And the next few weeks forecast much of the same; more birthdays, … Read more

Envy or Admiration?

It’s something that all writers experience more often than not. Writer Envy. No matter what your passion and talent; non-fiction, feature article, blogger, fiction, chances are not a day goes by when you don’t read something and think ‘Wow!’ followed by a ‘I wish could write like that‘. But it’s not always an emotion coloured … Read more