The Writer’s Den: Seasoned Romance

Welcome to the second installment in my new blog series, The Writers Den. Each month there will be a guest post from a very special guest author with each author offering something different and informative on a particular area of writing and publishing. This month Seasoned Romance author Eliza Bennetts is sharing why she loves … Read more

The Writing Process: Editing vs Rewriting

. One of the things I enjoy about writing, is the continual learning curve. Every time I write, every time I undertake the editing process, I’m learning something new. Both about the actual process, and my own process. Now, I’m by no means an expert but having written three manuscripts and dredging through the editing … Read more

The Aspiring Writer: Impostor Syndrome

Impostor syndrome isn’t a new concept, it’s something most people will encounter during their life. For a writer, impostor syndrome manifests itself in our psyche, laying a veil of self-doubt over our thoughts and actions. We continually feel our writing is inadequate and rubbish, and that nothing we write will be good enough. Ever. In … Read more

The Aspiring Writer: Getting Serious

The Aspiring Writer series is a collection of my thoughts and experiences on my writing journey. Thoughts and experiences that I can share to not only encourage and inspire other writers, but to also keep it real. After all, my journey is only in its infancy, but we all have to start somewhere right? If you’re … Read more