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Text or Talk?

Some say modern technology will be the downfall of society and that may well be the case, but I for one am all for it. From the ease and immediacy of email to the networking and connection that social media allows, new technology has certainly brought sunshine to my days.

However, the naysayers and experts like to tell us that we are losing the art of face to face communication. That personal one on one conversations are being lost to email and text. Experts are even going as far to say that  social media is making us ‘dumb’, as reported on Guardian Express.

For the conversationally challenged (like me) I have embraced text and email with open arms. Inviting them into my life with both happiness and relief.

Gone is the procrastination of having to pick up the phone and the awkwardness that follows once I dial in the numbers. If I need to contact someone I much prefer to text or email than talk.

Written instantaneous communication lets me get straight to the point and I can be as professional or as laid back as I need to be. There is no unnecessary time wasting small-talk and there is no awkwardness when trying to end the conversation.

It is pure gold!

Of course it does have it’s downside. Unless you get a response we can’t be sure the message or email actually got through or even got read! Then there is the issue of ‘tone’. It is hard to decipher sarcasm or a light hearted jibe without it being interpreted the wrong way. I’m sure this has got many into trouble!

So if you were to ask me the question ‘text or talk’ I would most definitely say text. But I’d probably text you.


What about you? 
Are you a text or talk kind of person?