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The best of me

When I was younger, I always wondered what the difference was between an artists ‘Greatest Hits‘ and ‘The Best Of‘ albums. Weren’t they the same thing? Well not really. Greatest Hits are just that… hits. Gold, plantinum, number ones and all that. The Best Of albums are usually chosen by the artists (and associated producers and agency executives) and are their best songs, their favourite songs, the songs that represent the artist in their finest. Quite simple really.

What does this have to do with me? Well inspired by the lovely Clairey Hewitt who did a similar post I thought I’d present my ‘best‘ posts for the year. They aren’t the necessarily the posts with the most hits or comments, just posts that I am proud of, and I feel are my most authentic and honest. The ones that best represent who I am and the year that I have had.

So without further ado I give you. “The Best Of Me. 2013”

January – Being Present Every Moment. The one where I chose my ‘word’ for 2013.

February – Does Clarity Equal Balance? Asking the tough questions relating to finding a balance between online/offline.

March – Why I’m entering a blog competition with no hope of winning. This is the one where I am coming to terms with myself as a writer. Also I must give an honourable mention to another post this month (it’s my birthday month so I can okay!) to Labels are for cans, not people. Where I get my ranty pants on about judgement.

April – Choosing not to fight myself. The one where I… well, choose not to fight myself.

May – What a different perspective brings. The one where my eyes begin to open. I love this post.

June – Are you seizing the day? The one where I do a little blog recycling and share one of my favourite movies.

July – This is who I am. The one where I remove my social mask. For good. And another honourable mention to The Lighthouse Keeper.

August – The End. The one where I announce I finished the first draft of my first novel. This is a special one.

September – So you want to be a writer? The one where I explain why you shouldn’t pursue a career in freelance writing.

October – Tick tock, tick tock. The one where I dabble in some short fiction.

November – Why I’m beaten but not beat. November was slim pickings due to NaNoWriMo but this is the one where I face up to the reality of again not reaching 50,000 words for NaNo.

December – My word for 2014 is… End the year with my word for the next.


So there you have it. Reading through my blog picking these ones out was an interesting process. Some of my posts and writings are cringeworthy, but then there are others I am proud of and wonder how I actually wrote something quite good! There were times when I had nothing to say and times where I had too many words. All in all, I think it’s my best year for writing. So far, at least.


I’d love you to share your ‘Best’ post for 2014 in the comments below. The one you are most proud of.