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The Calm Before The Storm

Today is the 31st of October, which means tomorrow is November 1. The beginning of NaNoWriMo. If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about you can read about it here, here and here. I do a lot of writing about it. Sorry.

So with today brings calm anticipation, a splash of butterflies, an unsettling fear and a huge wash of excitement. I’m ready. Just.

For the past week I have been tossing around two story lines. They have been keeping me awake at night and distracting my thoughts throughout the day. Which one should I go with? Which story has the legs? Which story is ready?

If you’re wondering why I hadn’t decided by now, don’t worry. So am I! Last year with my first attempt at NaNo I had the story line firm in my head. I had interviewed my characters, decided on a general plot, mapped out a time line and contemplated two or three different endings. I was super organised. But this year is different.

I have learned a lot about myself as a writer over the past twelve months, but the most important is that I need to trust in myself as a writer. Trust in the words and trust that the story will find it’s way out.

With my first manuscript there were certainly ups and downs. Periods of writer’s block, periods of full steam ahead writing. There were times when I stuck to my ‘plan’ and times when the story took on it’s own path, and it is the latter which made my story all the richer. So although I am tossing between ideas, I’m not really worried. I know that I need to just get the words down and make a start and trust in myself and the story that is there to be told.  A kind of ‘built it and he will come‘.

So come tomorrow I hope my theory plays out. I have finally decided on which story line to develop which I will divulge soon enough, but I am excited and looking forward to the storm ahead. The writing storm – let’s hope it is a ripper!


On a side note, I may not be hanging around the blogosphere as often during November so will apologise in advance, but will keep you updated on my FB page of my progress 🙂