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The colour of joy


You may have noticed that on my Facebook page, it hasn’t been a great week. In fact, it’s been pretty rough. In times like these, it’s hard to get the words down. They don’t come easily, in any form. My head is a tangled mess and deciphering the contents is exhausting. But, I wanted to write today. I wanted to write something positive, so when I woke up to my next writing prompt, I felt a wash of relief and the words came. And today, I thought I’d share them here.

The colour of joy

Vibrant, soft, floating, calm, excited. Joy is an experience on the widest colour spectrum.

The pastels; yellow, orange, pink. The colour of warm sunsets witnessed over still seas. The feeling of calmness, a floating sensation. Peace. Zen. That nothing can take away. Internal joy. When one is at peace with themselves and the world in unison. The joy that you close your eyes to see as it dances behind your eyelids with swift, elongated movement. The joy that wraps it’s arms around you in sheets of silk. Soft.Tender.

The brights; crimson, amber, gold, magenta. The colour of laughter, happiness, and boundless excitement. Pure liquid joy, that you can splash around in. The in the moment joy. The joy that makes your heart beat fast, your blood rise in temperature and a warmth circulate from your blood to the top layer of your skin.

Joy takes many forms. It isn’t happiness, it is more. A deeper happy. Happiness kisses the surface, whereas joy nurtures your heart. Joy is the contentment you strive for when you are aiming for happiness. The extra mile, the extended play, the outtakes at the end of the movie, the cream on the apple pie.

Joy is the top of the pyramid where contentment, peace, and a million shades of delight form a whole. Where you feel complete.