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The End

On Friday, something very special happened. Something I have been working towards for what seems like an eternity. Something that I knew was near but came upon me quite unexpectedly.

What am I talking about?

I finished my book!

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you would have seen my update:

“I think I just finished the first draft of my book!”

When it happened I almost couldn’t believe it. I sat there with the laptop staring at the words and realised. It was done. So I typed in the words ‘The End.’ It was finished.

Anyone who has ever attempted and completed writing a first draft of a book knows the magnitude of being about to type those words. Not that they will appear in the final manuscript of course, but to be able to type them and have it hit you that all those late nights were worthwhile is an amazing feeling.

Writing a book is like tackling an endless staircase. You look up from the bottom and you can’t even see the top. You take the first few steps as the words pour out. This is easy! You gloat. Then the higher you get. The tougher it gets. You start to run out of puff. You pause to suck in some oxygen and remember why you even began. You want to stop but you have come so far and although it would be easier running back down you know you can’t. So you walk on. Onward and upward. More words, follow more words. Sometimes you get stuck, afraid of the dizzy heights. You doubt your reasoning and your ability to keep climbing. But something inside you keeps you going. Until, one day you can see the top. It is still hidden in the clouds but you are so close. The late nights get later and then one night you sit there staring at the last few words. You open your eyes and look down and realise you made it! You finished. You reached the summit! You are on a high, delirious almost. The sense of completion and elation is amazing. Hell you even feel a little bit proud. Then you turn around and realise the stair case continues…. draft two awaits.

So now I am shelving my manuscript for a month or two. I need a break from the characters and their plight. And when I return to begin the editing process, which is both a exciting and scary at the same time, I will hopefully be ready to move forward and tackle the next flight of stairs.

In the meantime I am just going to enjoy basking in the view from the top of the stairs…. It’s really is beautiful up here!


Have you ever reached a goal that you thought was so far away?