Is the internet is a bad place for over-thinkers?

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There’s no doubt I’m an over-thinker. I try not to be, but it is ingrained in my brain just as much as the prints on my fingers. It’s who I am.

So I’ve come to terms with being an over-thinker, most of the time it’s not a bad thing. Actually I quite like it. Until it distracts me of course and I wander off track on different tangents forgetting commas and periods along the way and eventually forgetting what the original thought was!

But I digress.

Before the internet over-thinking was a very internal process. Over-thinking was confined to the innards of the mind, with brains churning over and over, seemingly unnoticed by ‘normal’ people. Private journals were in abundance, their pages tattered at the corners and scrawled with thoughts and questions before being locked and hidden under the mattress.

Nowadays though, you’ll find over-thinkers lurking online and analyzing every inch of the internet and its endless information. Many are bloggers, in fact I’d say that the majority of those who blog, are over-thinkers, but of course I have no scientific data to prove this. Call it a gut feeling.

Over-thinkers have definitely gone viral.

Instead of our own little worlds and occasionally over-thinking the current affairs and pop culture, we now have the whole world out there to analyse and over-think.

Social media, Google, blogs, news sites, opinion sites; so much to think about. So much to analyze and wonder the true meaning of. So much to occupy the little hamster in our heads.

If only it were a good thing.

But the hamster is getting tired. His little legs have run a thousand miles with no end in sight. He’s panting and labouring for a moment of peace.

I wonder, (yes I’m in full throttle over-thinking drive now), how much the internet is changing who were are as a human race. The world gets so much smaller every day, is there any wonder left to discover?

How much about each others’ lives are we really meant to know?

How much is really left that is private and precious, that can be held within our tiny selves and cherished?

Can one really ‘disconnect’ in a connected world?

When work and play dominate the same space… cyberspace?

The internet is like a car crash. You simply can’t turn away.

FOMO is now a real condition*.

What is it we Fear we are Missing Out on? Others’ lives? Being inspired? Sharing? Connecting? Being left out? The next big thing?

So many things to ponder. So many things…


But, that’s enough over-thinking for one day. I’m going to let the Hamster take forty winks.


Are you an over-thinker? 


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*food for thought at least