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Book Review: The Lucky One

the lucky one

The Lucky One
: Caroline Overington
Published: 2017
Publisher: Harper Collins
My Rating: 3.5-4/5

The Lucky One by Caroline Overington, is a story about an old castle, a fresh body, and an unsolved mystery. It’s drama filled, with flawed characters and fractured families.

I’ve been pondering on this book since I finished. I can’t decide if I loved it, or just liked it. I know I didn’t hate it.

There’s something about this book that I can’t quite put my finger on. While reading, I wavered between being mildly interested, to being eager to finish it to find out what happens.

The main issue I had with ‘The Lucky One’ is the structure. We begin in one character’s head – Fiona – which sets up the story. This is done very well. It gets you intrigued to read on.

We then move to Mack -the main detective in the case and stay in his point of view for a little while. I liked the character of Mack, he was distinctive without being cliched.

Then we shift again, this time to first person point of view with a character called Eden. This is where the story slowed for me a little. There was quite a lot of set up – which I guess was necessary – but it did tend to bog the story down. I felt Eden was hiding something, so therefore was wary of her version of events. Eventually, this part of the story did pick up.

The story stays with Eden for a good bulk of the book, before we are shifted again for the impending trial. This section is a kind of weird point of view. It’s sort of Mack’s but then feels kind of omniscient as well. The trial is interesting where a lot of things are revealed.

Then yet again for the final few pages – almost like an epilogue – we are shifted to the character of Earl who we met earlier during Eden’s section. This ties up all the loose ends, but with a weird, unsettling twist.

It’s hard to say much about this book without recounting the story or revealing spoilers. I like Overington’s writing for the most part, but as I mentioned, I found the structure, at times, tiresome. I think it was a great story, but possibly there was a better way to tell it. Which is why I sit somewhere between three and five stars for this book.

Even so, I’d certainly recommend it to those who like mysterious families and good plot twists. And would love to know what others think of this one.