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The one thing you need to know about blogging

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I’ve been blogging for a long time, but I’m not one of those bloggers who could tell you exactly when I started. From memory, it was around the time I joined Twitter, so March 2009. During this time it took me about five blogs to find my place, my home, until I did here in 2012.

Blogging is a funny thing. People start blogging and continue blogging for myriad reasons. Some stay a short while, some settle in for the long haul, and some fade in and out with the seasons.

For me, my blogging has changed and evolved as I have. And I would go as far to say, that I probably wouldn’t be who I am, or where I am today if I hadn’t blogged.

It’s weird, because I’m a very private person, yet here on the blog I’ve learned to be open and honest. None more so than in my last blog post, my most vulnerable, open and honest post ever.

I would never have thought in a gazillion years that I would be able to be so open, but that’s all been part of the journey.

If you ask any blogger, or more importantly any veracious blog reader, what their favourite bloggers have in common, you will most likely hear words like: honest, down-to-earth, and transparent, thrown about. Why? Because we want to see our reflection in someone else. Someone to relate to, something that resonates with us very personally, something that we thought we were alone in. It would be safe to say that pretty much all of my favourite posts by other bloggers are ones where the writer is up-front, vulnerable and courageous.

I was almost literally bowled over with the response to my last post. My Facebook page went into meltdown with supportive comments, my email inbox filled with messages from people thanking me for being so honest, and I received quite a few private FB messages saying how they could have written that very same post themselves.

There really is nothing more amazing than writing something that makes another person feel.

The same goes for fiction. That is the ultimate goal for any creative writer – to evoke feeling and emotion in the reader. It is, and should be, the pinnacle for any writer.

So if you’re new to blogging or even a seasoned pro, the best thing you can do for yourself and your blog is to open up. Not every post, but every now and then, step out of your comfort zone. Write that blog post you’ve started a thousand times and not known how to finish. Not only will you lighten your emotional load, but you will reach out to someone who needs to read it. Someone who feels the same.


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