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A fashion blogger I am not. Why? Because that would require some fashion sense, style, and keeping up with the latest trends. Not that I don’t have fashion sense or style, I like to think I am fairly much your average Joe when it comes to fashion. I’m neither stand out fashionable or stand out dorky; somewhere in between. My main problem is knowing what suits me and how to put an outfit together that’s comfortable, practical and stylish at the same time.

Recently, I’ve been thinking and reading a lot about the Capsule Wardrobe movement.

For those who don’t know what a capsule wardrobe is, here is the definition from the ever reliable Wikipedia:

fashion blogger capsule wardrobe

It’s not only minimalists who are embracing the idea of a capsule wardrobe, and taking in another step further. It seems that many in high places are already adopting the idea. President Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, and the late Steve Jobs, chose to wear a ‘uniform’ of the same clothes each day. Obama only wears blue or grey suits, while the Zuckerberg and Jobs chose a more laid back style for their daily wear. Even Albert Einstein reportedly chose to wear only grey suits. Why do they do this? A common theme suggests it is to avoid ‘decision fatigue’. Obama quoted as saying:

“I’m trying to pare down decisions. I don’t want to make decisions about what I’m eating or wearing because I have too many other decisions to make.”

Now, as a woman, I can certainly relate to decision fatigue. It’s that ‘what do I wear today?’ feeling when you stand in your wardrobe and stare at the many clothes and wonder exactly that – ‘What the hell am I going to wear?’

I remember when I used to work out of the home many moons ago and had to wear a specific work uniform. Life was grand. There was no wasted time in the morning wondering what to wear. It was simply pull on the pants or skirt, the shirt and jacket, add a pair of shoes and off I went.

You would think that the flexibility of choice would be nice. And I suppose for those who are fashion-inclined, it may well be. But I am suffering severe decision fatigue. And that brings to me to wondering if I should adopt a capsule wardrobe.

I’ve read a few articles about the idea. There’s this one from Nikki over at Styling You Spring Wardrobe Essentials The Capsule Collection (she has a series of capsule ideas), then there is this one from Sonia Styling on How To Build A Capsule Wardrobe. 

I came across another interesting piece from Dallas Mums Blog, Why I Got Rid Of My Wardrobe, where the simple, clutter-free view of her ‘after’ wardrobe was very appealing. And also this one on the JCrew blog – Alice Gregory On Finding A Uniform. I particularly found this quote from Alice very relatable:

alice gregory j crew uniform capsule wardrobe

So why haven’t I jumped on the bandwagon and embraced the capsule wardrobe with gusto yet? I’m not sure. I’m still in two minds about it, but I’m close.

I think if I can put together a selection of clothes that I like wearing in neutral colours (I’m a neutral kind of gal), and then accessorize with jewellery and scarves, I could actually pull it off.

Initially, it will require some effort. Sorting through what I already have, what I don’t have and deciding on the main pieces to concentrate on. But I really do think it would be worth it.

My capsule wardrobe would consist of, clothes for every day, sports/gym clothes, and clothes for going out or special occasions.

Something like this:

capsule wardrobe fashion blogger


The list needs a bit of refining, but maybe it could work?

I think the hardest thing would be to not buy on impulse, which I do all too often. Those five colourful, summery dresses I bought last year that I’ve never worn are a testament to that.

The other thing I need to ask myself is, do I define myself by what I wear?

I think the answer for me is, no. I like to be comfortable and look nice, but I don’t think I’m defined by what I wear. I have a tendency of dressing somewhere between sporty, funky, grungy and classically, and depending on which day of the week I could be all of the above. Maybe dressing for my mood would be the hardest?

Mmmmmm. My jury is still out on this one, but the more I think about it the more I like the idea of it. Having ten-twelve outfits that I can work with from a minimal selection of items is very appealing.

Maybe, I should just give it a go?


Is style important to you?
Have you tried the capsule wardrobe idea?