no two books are the same
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No two books are the same (aka it’s your story)

As I prepare to announce the publication date of my debut novel, I’ve been thinking a lot about the story.

I heard an interview with an author the other day and something they said made perfect sense. The author said that once you have finished your book and it’s ready to go out in the world, you need to remember that it’s your story. The way you have written it, the direction the narrative has taken, and the journey of the characters is uniquely yours.

This is so true.

You could give the same story idea and same characters to ten different authors and you would get ten different stories.

What this means is two things:

  1. No two stories are ever the same.
  2. Your story will not resonate with everyone.

This is something I’m trying to remember with my book soon to head out into the wild.

The Memories We Hide – is Laura, Tom, Ryan and Rachel’s story. And it’s their story because of how I chose to write it. The narrative, the character growth, the setting, the heart and soul of the story, is all from my head.

We’ve all read books where we’ve thought, ‘Geez, I could have written that better.’, or book where the endings haven’t lived up to our expectations. That’s because we would have written them differently. It’s only natural.

All I can hope is that those who choose to pick up The Memories We Hide, find something in the story that resonates with them. That the journey of the characters works in their head, as much as it does in mine.

As an author it’s key to remember this.

Remembering that it’s your story, told your way, will help you through the dark times of self-doubt. Those times when you sneak a peek at Goodreads or Amazon (which no author should ever do), and you see those one and two-star reviews. Or the times when you flick back through your book after it’s published and wish you’d written things differently.

The wonderful thing about stories, is there are so many different ways to tell them. No two ideas will take the same path, and that’s the magic of books don’t you think?