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The trial and error of life

trial and error of life

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Is anyone getting it right? Life, that is. It’s become really apparent to me recently, and maybe it’s a mid-life crisis slash mid-life wisdom thing, that no one is getting it right. I mean, no one can get it right can they?

When you reach the middle of your life things change. You gain a sort of wisdom and perspective about life. It’s so different from those teenage/young twenty-something times where life was just to be lived. To be experienced. There were no real stressors apart from what to wear out on Saturday night, and each day came and went without much of a thought.

Fast forward twenty or so years, and step back, remove the rose-coloured glasses and take a big old gander at what life really is.

You’ve gone through your 30s listening to the powers-that-be at the time. The gurus, the leaders, the change-makers. The ones telling you to do this, and not to do that. That if you simply follow XYZ, your life will change for the better. You’ll finally uncover the secret to life.

But there is no secret.

Life is simply a series of trial and error.

Even the so-called gurus know that. That’s what they’re doing. Trying, failing, trying succeeding, and trying again.

It’s all we can do.

I’ve come to realise that the most consistent thing in life is change.

We change our minds, our views, our values, our opinions, our thoughts. And so we should! We are constantly learning and evolving. We are seeking out solutions, putting things in action and waiting for the results.

Anyone who says they’re scared of failure needs to see how many things they’ve failed at. More likely than not, in every day life, there will be more failure than success.

I’m not talking about big life failures like losing everything you own, but the mini-day-to-day failures. The ones we don’t think much of. Take that and put it into action in every part of your life. Trial and error.

You try, you fail, you try again, you fail, you try again, you succeed. You keep trying again and again and again because we are changing, life is changing, the world is changing.

The goal isn’t to win at life. The goal is to experience and learn. And the sooner we realise that, the sooner we can stop being so hard on ourselves.

All we can do is try. All we can do, is our best at that moment in time. That moment, which on the scale of our life, is but a blink.

Life is a series of trial and error. Roll with it.


*inspired by a post from the inspiring and honest Bron at Maxabella Loves. If you haven’t read it, read it now.