Personal Musings

Time for change

On the calendar, summer in Australia has officially ended. However, it appears someone neglected to inform the weather Gods. Here in Victoria we are heading for the hottest March for over sixty years, with yet another 30+ degree day expected today.

Not that I am complaining. I love the hot weather. Being outdoors, swimming with the kids, trips to the river, the balmy nights. But it does wear its welcome. Come March, I am ready for a change.

I long to see the leaves turn from summery greens to Autumn hues of ochre, gold and crimson, watching them float wistfully towards the ground. As the days begin to close in I crave to feel the cool air, cleansing away the fatigue from the long, hot summer.

The sun fades further away in the sky and jeans, long boots and soft, toasty scarves become wardrobe necessities. I begin to look forward to cold nights snuggled on the couch with loved ones.

As skies turn from bright blue to soft grey, the dull, murmur of air conditioners give way to the crackling and dancing of log fires. Summer fruits and salads leave the table as hot casseroles and roast lamb and winter root vegetables take their place, with hot apple pies and warm sticky puddings follow.

There is much to like about the thought of change and each year and as time passes, I find myself more drawn to the cosiness and comfort that winter brings.

I often wonder what it would be like to live in a place where the seasons aren’t as defined as here in southern Australia. We are lucky indeed that we get to experience the change in seasons and indulge in the waiting and anticipation of what we have been missing.

Do you look forward to the change in seasons? Which is your favourite time of the year?